Bottega del Vino – La Coloniale – Milano

 While strolling the streets near my hotel I came across a jewel of a Milano landmark, The Botega Del Vino – La Coloniale, a wonderful enoteca/bar/and wine shop. The Botega Del Vino opened in 1969 and has been serving locals fine wines and aperitivo ever since. This wine store and bar is cozy and warm and loaded with memorabilia and pictures of famous and not so famous characters that have frequented the establishment for decades.

Locals gather in the afternoon and evening hours to enjoy Italian wines and socialize inside and out as the crowd spills outside as the evening progresses. Men discuss the days events, politics, and play cards, all while the bartenders (3 women that refer to themselves as Charlie’s Angels) keep the wines and food coming.

I met several locals here that were intrigued by my being in this locals hangout and welcomed me with a couple of free glasses of the prosecco and talk of Milan and my home state of Arizona. Seems we are all interested in each other’s homes. I had such a great time that I accepted their invitation to come back again the following day to repeat the evening all over again, and I did!

Finding these hidden gems in a new city is sometimes difficult. You don’t typically see them in any tour guide books or the more popular attraction guides. However, if you are adventurous enough, and ask for recommendations, or simply wander until you come across a bar that is packed with locals you just may come across a great place such as the The Botega Del Vino – La Coloniale of Milano. You will be glad you did.

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