Cappuccino in Tuscan Towns

Cappuccino in Tuscan Towns
On this trip through Tuscany I made a little detour in Chianti to stop at one of my favorite spots for a cappuccino. The Bar Ucci in Volpia. Bar Ucci is small and warm and serves up good food and drinks and peace and quiet. Here Grandma is making up the drinks with care and excitement. 
Cappuccino in Tuscan Towns
Cappuccino with treats. So good!

Cappuccino in Tuscan Towns
Small Tuscan towns like this usually have a few places to stop and eat and the locals are very happy to have you.

Cappuccino in Tuscan Towns
At Bar Ucci, Grandma’s old dog watches the goings on outside while staying warm and dry. 
Cappuccino in Tuscan Towns

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