The Mill Houses – Santorini Greece

On this trip to beautiful Santorini island I booked a room at the Mill Houses. These suites are set along the rocky cliffs of the island facing the caldera and with a fantastic view of the famous Santorini sunsets.
The Mill Houses are built into the hill side so there are many stairs and steps to reach them but it is worth it.
The entrance to the Mill Houses. The staff was very helpful here at the suites. Friendly and attentive they took the time to make sure everything was perfect.
My room, built into the hillside, part cave, part hotel room. In the upper left hand corner you can see a black rock protruding from the wall to prove it.  The room is set deep inside the rock and as a result was very quiet and cozy.
The bathroom was modern and clean and had a lot of charm. I didn’t even mind having to stoop over to take a shower. It’s part of the Santorini experience.
My room.
The room was spacious, modern, and clean with the feeling of staying in a rustic Santorini home.
My room.
The suite had a small kitchenette and minibar but for my short visit to Santorini I preferred to take every meal out and around town.
The Mill Houses – Santorini Greece
The Mill Houses – Santorini Greece
The pool deck had a long bar facing the ocean and this is where breakfast and afternoon prosecco are served. It is a beautiful setting.
Getting ready for my morning coffee and breakfast mimosa!
Enjoying a cold prosecco in the warmth of the afternoon Santorini sun.
The staff was always near by ready to keep the glasses full.
Cin Cin…
This was the afternoon after my catamaran boat ride all around the island. I didn’t want this day to end…
Sunset on it’s way.
The Mill Houses – Santorini Greece
The Mill Houses – Santorini Greece
Mimosa in the morning…. I think I’ll have another.
The pool area.
The pool area.
Johnny Depp in Santorini…
Sorry, wrong photo. Me getting ready to head down into the Santorini town of Fira.
The Mill Houses was a great stay for a great price. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to enjoy the Santorini experience. The rooms are clean, the staff is friendly and helpful, and the price is right.

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