Hello Athens – It’s Good To Be Back

I really enjoy Athens Greece. The people, the food, the history, it all adds up to make Athens one of my favorite cities to visit. This was my second trip the birthplace of Democracy and Western Civilization and it Athens did not disappoint.
This is the Acropolis. The place of legends.
Here you can get a beautiful glimpse of the Parthenon sitting atop the Acropolis from my vantage point in the beautiful Acropolis Museum.
Looks like a Greek God! Well, maybe an American God.
Would you settle for me in front of the Acropolis?
I love a cold Greek beverage on a warm sunny Athens’ day. And the views are nice too!
Give yourself plenty of time to see and explore the Acropolis. The temples and the sights are magnificent. This is why you come to Athens. Do not be intimidated by the trek to reach the top. It is an easy hike and well worth the effort. Don’t forget your camera…
Hello Athens – It’s Good To Be Back
The Parthenon. Super!


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