Lunch With Pavarotti at De Santis in Milan

Did I ever tell you about the time I had lunch with the famous Italian opera tenor Luciano Pavarotti? Well… In preparation for my visit to Milan I brought with me a list of restaurants I wanted to try. Researching the local cuisine of any city I go to now has become a habit andContinue reading “Lunch With Pavarotti at De Santis in Milan”

Bottega del Vino – La Coloniale – Milano

 While strolling the streets near my hotel I came across a jewel of a Milano landmark, The Botega Del Vino – La Coloniale, a wonderful enoteca/bar/and wine shop. The Botega Del Vino opened in 1969 and has been serving locals fine wines and aperitivo ever since. This wine store and bar is cozy and warmContinue reading “Bottega del Vino – La Coloniale – Milano”

Musei Capitolini – Rome

Bigfoot does exist! Rome has many wonderful museums scattered around the city but there are three that everyone must see. The Vatican of course, The Borghese Gallery, and the Musei Capitolini (Capitoline Museum). This is one of my favorites in Rome, if not the entire world. The museum sits on top of a hill overContinue reading “Musei Capitolini – Rome”

A Day in Pompeii, Italy

Around 79AD the ancient city of Pompeii was destroyed by the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The eruption was so violent that the entire city and it’s over 20,000 inhabitants was lost forever. Buried under 13-20 feet of volcanic ash much of the city structures were preserved allowing modern day archeologists to uncover and gainContinue reading “A Day in Pompeii, Italy”

Castellina in Chianti – Tuscany

Castellina is a small Tuscan town of about 3,000 people and is located in the Chianti hilltops about 15 kilometers north of Siena. This is one of those charming little towns that doesn’t get much attention from tourists because the only way to get there is by car, which is one of the reasons IContinue reading “Castellina in Chianti – Tuscany”

5 Things You Must Do in Florence

Florence Italy is one of my favorite places to visit! Possibly the birthplace of the Renaissance, this wonderful city has history, and art, and beauty, and culture on a grand scale. Florence, or Firenze as the Italians call it, is much more relaxed than Rome and much more quiet. Vehicles are prohibited in the cityContinue reading “5 Things You Must Do in Florence”

Rome Italy – Travels With Dan

    Rome Italy – Travels With Dan Rome Italy is a city layered upon centuries of history and shares the modern world with the ancient civilizations of the past. Rome is busy, and gritty, and interesting, and beautiful. That is why I call Rome my favorite city in the world. Enjoy this video lookContinue reading “Rome Italy – Travels With Dan”